Multiply is a new initiative calling and supporting people to multiply disciples and communities. Learn, experience and practice missional discipleship either in your own context or in another location within Ireland.

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Multiply is a new initiative calling and supporting people to multiply disciples and communities. In recent years God has been stirring our hearts to live as missional disciples in the world around us. We have been challenged to whole-hearted discipleship, to step outside of our church buildings, to listen and to discern what God is up to, and to consider how we may join in. We have seen a multiplication of missional discipleship in local churches, new calls to pioneer ministry, the formation of missional communities and a desire to explore and understand missional living.

What About You?

"Multiply" is at least a year set aside to be supported in, learn about, experience and to practice missional discipleship either in your own context or in another location within Ireland with an aim to see the multiplication of missional disciples and the multiplication of new communities of faith.

Here are some of the potential contexts you may be involved in during the year...
Limavady Methodist Ignite Network


“Multiply” is for anyone aged 18+ who loves Jesus and longs to share their hope in him with the world around them. It’s open to individuals, couples, families and small groups of people. You may feel called to spend the year in a different context particularly if you are at a transition stage of life such as finishing university, taking a career break, changing jobs or having just retired. Or perhaps your heart is to spend the year in your own setting where some of the normal rhythms of life may be part of this.


There will be three main strands of the year:



Opportunities to learn more about the Bible, to explore gifting, and to learn about both the theology and practicalities of missional discipleship. You will make an individual commitment to reading and learning as well as attending a monthly gathering with other “Multiply” participants with an emphasis on learning from others and each other.



This is the practical element of the year where time is set aside to explore and practice missional discipleship in one of two ways:

  1. Moving to a new context to serve alongside others who are exploring missional discipleship. E.g. a place where missional communities are already established or where a church is transitioning to become a community of faith who lives missionally.
  2. Being supported to explore missional discipleship in your own context.



Growing in your walk with Jesus is a crucial element of this year. You will be assigned a mentor who will support you in this as well as having regular retreat days and spending time together as a larger “Multiply” group

There are three main components of the year – input, exposure and character. This is the provisional plan for the input component. Alongside the input you will be matched up with a coach as well as a local mentor who will walk through some of this learning with you. The input sessions will meet bi-monthly apart from an additional October date. There will also be local hubs of Multiply people meeting in localised areas for input and sharing in the alternative months. The areas covered are: Theology of Mission (including looking at Jesus and how he pioneers the way of mission) | Rhythms of life and spiritual disciplines | What's my role in God's mission? Calling, personality and gifts | Stories and Perspectives from Missional Practioners | How to start, lead and grow missional communities


The “Multiply” year is a commitment to missional living in a local or different setting for a period of 12 months or longer starting in August 2018. We will work with you to help discern what might work best for you. You will commit to attend monthly gatherings and to meeting with a mentor.

The below timeline will give you an idea of how the year will look.


  • April
  • Applications Open

    Applications for "Multiply" are now open.

  • April - June
  • Applications/Discernment

    We are open to discerning this process with you and happy to meet with you for an informal chat. You can apply as soon as applications open as we will be having ongoing interviews/ discernment during this period between applications opening and applications closing. Final applications accepted up until the 30th June.

  • June
  • Applications Close

    Final applications for "Multiply" accepted by the 30th June 2018.

  • September
  • Multiply Year Starts

    The Multiply year will start in early September with training. There will then be ongoing input and training on a monthly basis.

What Next?

Applications are currently open, and an application form can be found here. Alternatively, you can register you interest below to be kept up to date.

Multiply Ireland

Multiply is facilitated by Methodist Home Mission Ireland, IMYCD, Edgehill College and the Ignite Network.